Meet Kori

My name is Kori and I’ve been working as a Registered Dietitian for 8 years. 

More importantly, I get it! I am a busy mom of two small children and a wife, and I too was tired of the “on/off” mindset. Eating one way one day, then “falling off” the next. I stumbled on this approach a few years ago because I felt hopeless helping clients free themselves from the same yo-yo diet (and weight) patterns I was experiencing personally. In the journey to help my clients find something more helpful, it changed my personal life too!

Not only do I preach to convert,
I am the converted too!

I’m excited to offer you these programs, full of the lessons I have learned along the way and the tools my clients have found most helpful. What made me believe in this approach was hearing clients say “I feel liberated! A weight has been lifted off my shoulders!” and seeing health improve (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.) without the need to focus on weight. Yes, some of my clients have lost weight, but most of them find out who they are, what they love in life and start taking better care of their bodies in the process.

Because my practice has transformed, I’m now excited to come to work every day, knowing I’m really helping and no longer causing unintended harm. I feel truly connected to clients and other clinicians.

My no-show rates have almost disappeared, I am busier, and actually seeing more results, joy and personal growth in clients.

Mindfulness just makes sense!


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